Top Ten Booties of the Month: Volume 6 Yoga Pants Edition

December 20, 2015
The new top ten list is out and the video is crazy!
December 23, 2015

Top Ten Booties of the Month: Volume 6 Yoga Pants Edition

It’s Olivia and I’m back with an all-new top ten booty countdown. The winter’s here and it’s freezing outside. So this time we’re featuring the hottest girls in the tightest yoga pants! Are you ready for this?

Coming in at number 10 is Paige (Page). If you’ve followed her career then you know Paige is smoking hot and there is no better sight than Paige in yoga pants. Go ahead, take it all in.

When I dream about girls in yoga pants, I dream about Brittany. The way those pants fit her curves is breathetaking. What do you think about her splits?

Nothing, I mean nothing, is better than an amazing gym booty in yoga pants. Because she goes so hard in the gym, Victoria has an insane gym booty. How about those cheeks?

In my head, Amanda is my best friend. I just love the way her butt looks on yogas. If you love great workouts, you have to check her out. The way her booty moves gives me tingles.

The Puerto Rican booty queen is back and Yarishna is wearing yoga pants! Oh. My. God! Do you see that cake?

Lexy just came on the scene on fire and her twerk game is out of this world. No one twerks better in yoga pants than Lexy! It’s okay if you want to hit rewind!

You met Yanet (Yah Net) on our last top ten list and she’s back and she’s wearing yoga pants! There is absolutely no hotter weather girl in the world and to top it off, she has a booty to match.

Beautiful name, beautiful face and look at that beautiful booty! Lais Deleon (Lah EEs Day Lee On) just made our list for the first time and her booty is on fire! Welcome to the top three Lais!

Laci Kay has all the qualities I love. She loves fitness, has a great booty and oh yeah, she loves Call of Duty! Coming in at number 2, Laci knows how to fill out her yoga pants!

This month’s hottest girl in yoga pants might have the top booty of 2015, Michelle Lewin (Lou En). Her body is the bomb and looks tasty in her yogas! Take a second and enjoy this booty!

That’s it for now, but be sure to comment and subscribe to our channel to be the first to see next month’s video! Next time, we look back on the top booties of the year!