The hottest booty in the game hits 10 million (More than 700 photos)

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November 10, 2016
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November 12, 2016

The hottest booty in the game hits 10 million (More than 700 photos)

Here’s to 10 Million More

Jen Selter, yes the social media and fitness personality whose amazing booty made her a household name, has recently reached 10 MILLION followers on Instagram! We are so happy for her and wanted to talk all things Selter. Everyone is well acquainted with Instagram and the app is how Jen got her start but her love of fitness began somewhere else. For her, that love was ignited when she worked at the front desk of a gym back in 2012. Being surrounded by dedicated and hardworking people transforming their bodies inspired her to do the same. Soon enough Jen was working hard and the booty gains were beyond impressive.

Posting Her Way to Fame

Jen Selter got her start by doing what many of us do on a regular basis – share pictures on Instagram! She began posting motivational fitness photos and quotes to her followers to encourage women like herself to live an active lifestyle. Along the way, Jen discovered that regularly posting also helped with her fitness goals. While working on growing her account, Selter noticed the number of likes pictures of her body, more specifically her booty, got and went with it. Little did Jen know, she was starting a trend all her own. Soon enough, the belfie (butt selfie) was born as well as her now famous #Seltering. Fortunately for Jen and all of us who love to see her expand her brand, this was just the beginning.

Jen’s Accomplishments

Since her journey began, Selter has consistently established herself in the fitness industry. This young woman has so many achievements under her belt. After her bootilicious claim to fame she:

Jen’s site is her way to share her knowledge about everything related to fitness and health. She shares her favorite exercises, talks motivation, nutrition, lifestyle and there is the Jen Selter Challenge.

  • Has been interviewed by some of the top magazines, celebrity news outlets and television programs.

This includes People Magazine, Men’s Health, Access Hollywood, The View and more. Everyone wants to get to know the woman who built the perfect posterior along with how she did it.

  • Graced the pages of Vanity Fair which included an article and photoshoot.

This was published in April of 2014 and written by Alex Beggs. The photoshoot was a cross between 1920s elegance mixed with corsetry and modern natural beauty. The focus was, of course, that Selter booty!

  • Has been the topic of endless articles across the web.

Just Google her name. There are too many to count and they either share bits of her story or her favorite moves to maintain her gym booty.

  • Has her own column with the New York Post.

Yeah, she’s a fitness columnist too.

  • Snagged endless sponsorships.

She has worked with Nike, New Balance, Lululemon, and Game Plan Nutrition to name a few. Jen has also modeled for several brands and the number continues to grow.

How could we not include her? There is also a fitness inspiration video about Jen HERE. Look at her gym booty once and you’ll want to do a few squats.

In other words, Selter has been one busy woman and has made a huge mark in the industry. What makes her long list of accomplishments even more impressive is the fact that she is only 23 years old.

Her Message

Hands down Jen Selter has one of the most famous booties (um, yeah 10 million followers) but her fame does not solely revolve around her backside. Jen began with and continues to spread a positive message. Her belfies celebrate curves while encouraging others to put in the work to build their ideal body. One amazing way she spreads this message to her followers is encouraging them to take on the Jen Selter Challenge. This is a complete 4-week exercise program to kick start your fitness and inspire you to commit to healthy living. It is a fun, no cost, negativity free challenge against yourself. Better yet, those who take part in the program can share their progress using #JenSelterChallenge for a chance to be featured on her site.

Overall, Selter is amazing and has earned every follower she has. She combined her love of social media with fitness and found success in the process. Better yet, Selter has started a body positive trend that both inspires and motivates so many to live well. She is a true advocate for healthy living and puts her own spin on it all. Jen’s personal approach and ability to connect with so many of her fans is why people love her.

Congrats Jen and thank you for all you’ve done to motivate, inspire and keep the gym booty trend going. Sexy backsides are here to stay!





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