Hey, guys, it’s Kiki Marie. I don’t want to bore you with too many basic facts so let’s go over the fun stuff first. I would describe myself as a nerd with a wild, sexy side. Seriously, I’m either in a thong doing something crazy like having a threesome with my BFF (well, I was under the influence that time) or dressed as a superhero. Aside from superheroes, Marvel action figures, comic books, video games and sci fi are some of my obsessions.

Fitness is another passion of mine. I’m very athletic. I hit the gym about 5-6 days a week to maintain my fit thick curves. In between workouts, nothing is better than a swim or hike. I’m all about that fit life – after some chocolate, of course. I also like a man who stays in shape. That and one who can talk comics with me. Some dirty talk is also a plus.

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What’s up, guys? It’s Dinah here and I’m going to talk about myself for a bit so I hope you stick around. I was born and raised in San Diego and I’m a pretty wild girl. I have curves, I’m definitely not afraid to show them off and sometimes that confidence translates to memorable times like when I had sex on the sidewalk while intoxicated (btw, you should try it sometime). Aside from that tale, there are few things I love more than putting on a sexy outfit once in a while. A naughty school girl and beer maiden are two of my faves. A little role play always makes things more exciting, don’t you think? That and a man with strong, rough hands and intense eyes who can talk dirty to me.

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Hey, you! It’s Alexa and I want us to get better acquainted. I was born and raised in Eastern Canada. In my spare time, I like to read (intelligence is sexy), travel, go to the gym, shop, just chill with friends and eat. I love a good taco – but who doesn’t? Despite my pretty chill lifestyle, I like to turn up the heat every now and then. On those nights, I throw on a curve hugging LBD with a sexy lace thong underneath and see what the evening brings. One time, things got a little too wild and I had a threesome! You gotta try it at least once. Oh yeah, I also had sex on the beach and I’m not talking about the drink.

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