Team Gym Booty

We are so excited to announce that we are currently recruiting a bunch of new Gym Booty ambassadors! Gym Booty is looking for fit and healthy women that inspire others and have that never give up attitude. Thus far we some amazing women on board that represent the brand so well. Let’s take a moment to learn more about our existing ambassadors.

Rachael Muldoon

The fitness model and personal trainer is nothing but passionate about what she does and it shows. Since the age of 16 Rachael had an interest in fitness and wanted to learn more about it. That interest put her on the path to a successful career in the industry. Muldoon went on to study at the Australian Institute of Fitness and became the motivational personal trainer she is today. In fact, she completed the Certificate III in fitness instructing which means she is a fully qualified trainer. Rachael has devoted her life to helping others transition to a healthy lifestyle and has many client success stories under her belt. When she is not working with clients or in front of the camera Muldoon is competing in fitness competitions and earning prestigious titles in the process including ANB Oxygen Magazine Bikini Model of the year.



Alysia Kaempf

Alysia Kaempf is one inspirational addition to Team Gym Booty. She is the perfect combination of strength and sex appeal with gains that can motivate anyone to start training. Alysia practically lives at the gym but hey, it takes work to maintain a booty like hers. The best part is that she’s knowledgeable. Alysia knows how to develop muscle, what is required in terms of diet, how to train the central nervous system while avoiding overtraining and more. When she isn’t dominating the weights or motivating her many followers with workout clips and supplement suggestions, Alysia is in the kitchen baking healthy snacks. That is why she’s in such amazing shape. Her passion for healthy living goes beyond the gym. It’s a lifestyle for her which is something we can all learn from. You put good in and you get good out. Welcome to the team Alysia!


Jen Klein

Jen is an inspiration to all the hard working moms out there. Aside from being a proud parent, student and mortgage advocate, she manages to find time to exercise and maintain an amazing physique. She shows busy women everywhere that it is possible to stay super fit while juggling a career, getting an education and raising a child. The thing is, Jen doesn’t’ stop there. Along with handling everything on her plate she has found the time to become a sponsored athlete, published model and fitness competitor. It is quite obvious why she was chosen to be an ambassador. Not only is Jen an extremely motivated individual but her relatability, and accomplishments makes her a perfect addition to the team.


Rafaela Rigo

Rafaela Rigo is a powerhouse! She is an extremely hardworking bodybuilder and sports model from the UK. Her physique is on point and her dedication to staying fit is quite apparent. She is all about nutrition and training hard. That focus and discipline has contributed to her success. Rafaela trains 2-3 times a day and uses her education in nutrition and physiology of exercise to reach goals and inspire women to get in the gym and start lifting. Another aspect about Rigo that makes her a great Gym Booty ambassador is her ability to turn a negative into a positive. Rather than letting failures get her down, she views them as major contributors to her success. Rigo uses them as motivation to work harder. If that isn’t fitspo I don’t know what is.


Teresa Santiago

Teresa Santiago is an aspiring fitness competitor, mother of 3 and a beast in the gym. After giving birth to her youngest child Santiago decided that it was time to get in shape. Being displeased with her appearance gave her the push needed to change her life. Teresa always had an interest in fitness and used that interest to her advantage. Soon enough she was learning more about training, integrating what she learned into her everyday life, put in the work and kept her eyes on the prize- her dream body. As a result of her dedication, hard work and refusal to give up she achieved that goal and is now working on making it into her first competition. Teresa is proof that building a dream body and booty is possible as long as you are willing to work for it.



Lima’s fitness journey began 6 years ago. During that time, she has developed her own fitness routine, explored several forms of exercise and has molded a strong, curvaceous physique. This fierce and fit woman with a great sense of humor has committed herself to living well. She eats right, exercises 3-4 times a week, and has recently discovered her love of yoga.

Although she is just a beginner (Lima has been doing yoga for about 6 months) it has helped her develop the mindset to maximize her fitness efforts. She is also learning how to stretch those hard to reach muscles and developing better balance, posture, and flexibility in the process. Lima may have just begun but she is doing great. Obviously, her goal of becoming a better person both inside and out as well as living a positive, peaceful life is working.

Along with staying active, improving her yoga skills and enjoying an equally active social life filled with dining, art, music and travel, Lima finds time for the occasional photoshoot. For Lima, photoshoots are not just ways to motivate her fans and followers but opportunities to exercise her creative muscles. Who doesn’t like a girl with vision?!


Brittney Brumfield

We are thrilled to have Brittney Brumfield as a Gym Booty ambassador. This 23-year-old college graduate who is currently working towards a master’s degree in biology is a fitness and yoga instructor. That background in fitness makes her a great addition to team Gym Booty. She knows what it takes mentally and physically to get in shape and commit to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Her views on fitness and health are nothing less than exceptional. Brumfield is well aware that a strong body begins with a strong mind which is her secret to staying in great shape. In other words, this lady has incredible focus thanks to her love of yoga and has the body to prove it. Along with impressing and motivating her many fans and followers on social media with her yogi skills, she regularly shares her progress along with words that inspire her.

With Brittney, her active lifestyle even carries over into her free time. When she isn’t studying or teaching a class, there is nothing she enjoys more than dancing (a fun way to torch calories) and yes, more yoga! No wonder Brumfield is in such amazing shape.


Darlene Anderson

Darlene Anderson is a five foot one fitness freak! This senior Gym Booty ambassador, dental hygiene student and competitive dancer started training about a year and a half ago and has never looked back. Although she has a lot on her plate including school and a very promising career, Darlene trains 5-6 days a week! Her workouts are all about building a bigger booty and a strong body. Currently Anderson has her sights set on competing in her first bikini or figure competition in 2016. Whether Darlene is killing the legs or doing some all-important booty conditioning to maximize her gains she takes the time to share her progress with others. What makes her so inspiring is the fact that she’s relatable. Yes she hits the gym like a pro but Anderson is just a fun loving 25 year old that loves to travel and spend time with her adorable pups.


Olivia Oates

Olivia Oates has achieved a lot and is only 22 years old. Not only is she a senior Gym Booty ambassador but Olivia is a pole dancing instructor living down under. Along with being an instructor, Oates is a qualified personal trainer and sports aerobics coach. Obviously fitness is a huge part of her life and she is staying in shape in such a great way. Pole dancing is fun, helps to build a strong body, improves flexibility, burns fat and keeps the derriere toned and tight. When Olivia is not teaching a class she is competing. This professional pole dancing competitor has placed first in the Australian Pole Championships Amateur Division in 2013 as well as the South Australian Pole Championships in the Professional Division most recently. This girl is an athlete and her dedication to her sport is awe-inspiring.

Olivia Oates

Siobhan Elizabeth West

5 foot tall national level NPC bikini competitor Siobhan Elizabeth West has achieved a lot in her 19 years. Siobhan, who currently resides in Seattle, Washington, started going to the gym at 15 and began competing on the big stage just two years later! Although young, her passion for fitness began very early on and she is quite an expert in all things fitness, especially booty building. The best thing about West is that she is putting her expertise and experience to good use. She wants to help change peoples’ lives by passing on her knowledge. Siobhan also wants to inspire and spread her passion for fitness by gracing the covers of magazines. She is taking her expertise to the moon and back while motivating others along the way.


Rachel Jacobs

Rachel Jacobs, one of our junior Gym Booty ambassadors, is a motivated 23 year old studying nutrition. This focused and fun girl from Vegas recently competed in her first bikini competition. With her nutritional knowledge and commitment to the gym Jacobs literally transformed her body. Best part is, her hard work paid off. She placed fourth in her first show! Rachel is the perfect example of someone that set their sights on a goal, put in the work and achieved something great. That’s why we are happy to have her on the team. Rachel Jacobs is fit, motivated and inspiring with a bright future ahead.


Yitzel Mansour

We are so happy to have Yitzel Mansour as one of our  Gym Booty ambassadors. This 28 year old mother of an adorable 3 year old is super fit and loves showing off her gym results. Yitzel is certainly Gym Booty certified and has always been athletic. Mansour ran outdoor track for 8 years, did cross country and swam for quite some time. That passion gets her in the gym on a regular basis and sparked an interest in fitness competitions. Now Yitzel is a nationally qualified bikini competitor, participated in Hawaiian Tropic pageants for two years and is an amateur boxer to top it off! Mansour is tough, super committed to her fitness plan and has the body to prove it.


Alice Hill 

Alice Hill has a real passion for fitness and it shows. Hill is in great shape and has made health and fitness a huge part of her life. This young lady from Adelaide, South Australia trains often and has the education needed for optimal results. She studied at the Australian Institute of Fitness and is always trying out a new workout routine. Whether Alice is focusing on the legs, arms, back or backside she is all for sharing her progress along with what she is doing in the gym. In fact, Hill has gone through quite a transformation herself. The images she shares on social media are very motivational and the workout tips she includes in her posts are helping a large group of people transition to a healthier life. These are the reasons why we are so happy to have her on the team.




Abbey Strech

Gym Booty ambassador Abbey Strech has a story that women of all ages can relate to. Strech’s fitness journey involved a lot of learning but her hard work resulted in her getting in great shape. Like many women, Strech started her journey with a certain physical appearance in mind but had an unhealthy mentality of how to achieve it. That combined with inexperience and total confusion on how to live a healthy lifestyle put Abbey off to a rough start. Fortunately after meeting a handful of influential people who helped put her on the right path, Strech learned that in order to achieve a great body (and booty) health had to be the focus. Now her fitness and nutrition plan is based around what is right for her 5 foot frame and obviously Abbey is doing something right. She is in amazing shape and is using her fitness to motivate, inspire and teach women that beauty lies in strength and health.


Jamie Herman

We are thrilled to welcome Jamie Herman to our lovely list of Gym Booty ambassadors. This ambitious 24-year old health consultant has an undeniable passion for fitness and an infectious personality to boot. Not only does she share her workouts and progress online to her growing number of fans but she uses social media to inspire others to get fit. Jamie is willing to be transparent in order to provide her audience with visual proof that she is achieving her fitness goals and they can too. You would never know by looking at her but Jamie has gone through quite a transformation. After finding herself unhappy with her weight, she changed her diet and started working out. Herman knew that she wanted something better for herself, had the desire to feel more confident in her skin and took action like a total boss!